Investment Funds

Collective Investment Schemes for Accredited Investors

From its fund SICAV in Luxembourg, Eightstone Oclaner manages a range UCITS V compliant mutual funds following distinct investment strategies with daily-liquidity. These funds are available to accredited and institutional investors only.

In addition, the company manages private label funds for single investors and families, within the Luxembourg UCITS V framework or through investment vehicles incorporated in other jurisdictions.

Investment Philosophy

Growing Wealth Responsibly

At Eightstone Oclaner, we focus on delivering consistent risk-adjusted performance. While our investment strategies may vary according to the underlying asset classes and level of risk, they are all the result of a rigorous portfolio construction process, which puts capital preservation at its core. We base our portfolio management process on the principles of risk/reward and relative value: we only take risks when they are associated with adequate rewards and do not chase returns at any cost.