Wealth management

Comprehensive Wealth Management

At Eightstone Oclaner, we focus on growing wealth responsibly, giving our clients the comfort to dedicate more time to the things that matter most to them. Managed accounts are a suitable solution for investors who wish to leave the investment decisions concerning their bankable assets in the hands of experienced investment professionals.

A managed account gives the investor direct ownership of securities (e.g. stocks and bonds) as the assets are held in their personal account, with the potential to customize elements of the investment strategy. We have an open architecture so our clients can opt to open their account with local or global tier-1 custodian banks.

Following a consultative review of the client’s objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity preferences a suitable investment strategy is identified. Our investment team will then construct and actively manage the portfolio and will adapt the asset allocation dynamically according to market conditions.

Investment Philosophy

Growing Wealth Responsibly

At Eightstone Oclaner, we focus on delivering consistent risk-adjusted performance. While our investment strategies may vary according to the underlying asset classes and level of risk, they are all the result of a rigorous portfolio construction process, which puts capital preservation at its core. We base our portfolio management process on the principles of risk/reward and relative value: we only take risks when they are associated with adequate rewards and do not chase returns at any cost. We are mindful of secular trends and the challenges brought upon us by globalization and technological shifts. As such, we strive to incorporate environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) guidelines in our investment strategies.

Track record

Track record

Track record of consistent risk-adjusted performance with limited drawdowns

Investment expertise

Investment expertise

Independant professionals with depth of investment experience and breath of expertise in all major asset classes

Comprehensive offering

Comprehensive offering

Investment Strategies including fixed income, equities and mixed assets



Option to actively incorporate sustainable investment guidelines (environment, social and governance)

Managed Accounts Strategies

Balanced Income Strategy

This active fixed income strategy seeks to maximize total return while maintaining a low portfolio volatility level and avoiding large drawdowns. We invest in a blend of investment grade and high yield, with a focus on the Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Region.

Multi-Asset Strategy

This multi-asset strategy seeks to provide the optimal asset allocation that will perform consistently across all phases of a market cycle. We focus on protecting capital and containing portfolio volatility, while aiming for long term capital appreciation. This strategy contains an option to allocate parts of the portfolio into private equity.

Pension Fund

This multi-asset strategy seeks to grow the value of the investments and accumulate wealth over time through price appreciation. This strategy is most suited for investors with a long time horizon.

Global Credit Strategy

This high-conviction credit strategy is aimed at generating high risk-adjusted returns. We focus on consistency of performance by investing opportunistically in credit stories globally.

Equity Strategy

This active equity strategy is aimed at maximizing long-term capital returns by investing in a portfolio of global equities including a material allocation to the Asia Pacific region.

Bespoke Strategy

Provided some conditions are met, Eightstone Oclaner can design a bespoke investment strategy to meet the specific needs of institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors. In addition, the company manages private label funds for single investors, within the Luxembourg UCITS V framework or through investment vehicles incorporated in other jurisdictions.